Sekielotv/Radio: Video Blog Hit More Than a Hundred Thousand views in 4 Days

Despite the current technical challenges facing the Sekielo Multimedia Studio (Sekielotv/Radio) at present, yet the management still deemed all efforts to keep the brand name moving, so as well as retaining their live streaming viewers and  daily blog visitors undisapointed as the the numbers of daily visitors and viewers keep increasing daily, so as well is the likes and page followers keep climbing the hill.

Sekielotv/Radio is celebrating its first ever facebook fan page video post to hit a hundred thousands views in just less than four (4) days.

This is one of the latest video going viral on social media officially posted by a Sieria leon woman, Aunty Sowerf who advises African families (Brothers and sisters) with relatives in diaspora to use their common senses whenever  their love ones send them money home to manage a project for them in Africa.

The video was officially re-published on sekielotv/Radio page on July 14, 2017 (Time 22:22 Pm, while as at the time of publishing this blog on 18 July, 2017 (Time: 22:17) the video has hit over 104, 563 reaching a total number of 357,409 people with no dime spend on boosting or whatsoever. thanks to all that helped in the sharing  which is currently 2.3k shares and 575 likes.

See Video below:


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